A Life Of Its Own

A Life of its Own

81 min
Helen Kapalos

Award-winning journalist, Helen Kapalos, takes the audience on a wide-ranging voyage of discovery about medicinal cannabis, addressing the complex issues facing its use. The film was inspired during the making of a network news TV story which detailed a young man's difficult decision to use cannabis for his terminal illness and to ease the debilitating nausea he experienced following chemotherapy – made all the more poignant because the young man’s father served for decades as a drug-squad police chief. In the weeks after the story was aired thousands of people came forward speaking of their own experience with medicinal cannabis. The story had unwittingly unearthed a silent majority - personal stories of patients suffering a range of illnesses, from intractable epilepsy to rare genetic diseases.

Full post production path completed at City Post
Edited by Wayne Hyett and Alex Archer

Resolve Colour Grade by Deidre McClelland and Online by Belinda Fithie