Kangaroos for your consideration

'Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story' is now for your consideration for the 2019 Academy Awards.

But even more exciting is the fact that this insightful doco is making a difference to help care for these amazing creatures. With it being considered by institutions like the European parliament.

To see if there is an upcoming screening near you check out the official website here.


Vitamania's prestigious nominations

What a SMASH! Vitamania get nominated for three awards at the prestigious 2018 Jackson Hole Science Media Awards (Best Science Journalism, Best Writing and Best Science Ambassador).

Unfortunately Vitamania missed out, but to be a finalist is a testament to the level of scientific detailed poured into this documentary.


Incase you missed it, you can still catch this fun and vital doco on Curiositystream.

Vitamania at Smash

The Cry BBC Premiere ahead of Australian Release

The Cry has premiered on the BBC in the UK to a whopping audience of 6 million on the 30th September.

As the show was a co-production between Scotland and Australia, the majority of the post process was carried out in Glasgow. Yet for the Australian half of the shoot, City Post was the first point of call in the post pipeline. backing up the raw camera rushes, processing and then sending rushes to be used the same day on the other side of the world.

The Cry

The four-part series is being eagerly awaited in Australia and is set to be broadcasted on the ABC in 2019.

CGI Challenge with The Story of Earth

The Story of Earth is the third in a series that Wayne Hyett has edited for Giant Screen. Along side Hidden Universe and Life in Space - the CGI footage he had to play with was crafted scientifically accurate by the incredible team at Swinburne. Yet this film marks a difference, as instead of looking to current science and data - it is casting back to our very beginning.


Check out this article about how they did it.

The Story of Earth is now screening across the US.

CJZ's Mr Black Production Team settle in

City Post have recently expanded their office space. Now offering enough desk space to house a production team, with eight open plan desks and two private offices along with all our ammenities.

CJZ’s new Channel 10 comedy, Mr Black, is the first to take up residence for their three month production.

Mr Black

From what we’ve seen of the wardrobe so far, this photo is not an accurate representation of the show - can’t wait to see more.


It was a pleasure to have the Ironbark team headed by Max Walker and edited by Alex Archer and Belinda Fithie in for Queen & Country.

This quirky, fun and fantastic look at life in rural Australia is about to be released as a webseries at the end of the month.


Queen and Country

Check out the trailer below and subscribe to their youtube channel for each ep.

Vitamania Q&A Touring with Think Inc.

This year the world will spend $100 billion on vitamins and supplements. Every week, a new benefit is claimed. When we look to scientists for answers and they disagree, how do we decide whether to take vitamins or not? How do we separate the sense from the nonsense?


Think Inc. brings widely popular science communicator, Dr Derek Muller, together with Emmy Award winning filmmaker, Sonya Pemberton. They’ll help answer all these confusing questions with an epic Australian premiere of their latest film, Vitamania.

Dr Derek Muller: scientist, filmmaker and creator of Veritasium with 5 million subscribers on Youtube. He is best known for addressing counter-intuitive concepts in science, and for his extraordinary ability for making the most complex stories relatable and entertaining.

Vitamania daringly explores the lucrative industry in a world spanning investigation of vitamin science and history. What they discover will confound opinions on all sides.

Get your tickets and see Dr Derek Muller along with the Australian premiere of Vitamania: the sense and nonsense of vitamins. Think Inc. takes this paramount discussion national.

For tickets and more information head to the source at https://thinkinc.org.au/derekmuller/

Controversial Kangaroo Doco Sold in US


Abramorama has acquired the North American rights to Kate McIntyre Clere and Mick McIntyre’s documentary “Kangaroo – A Love-Hate Story.”

This documentary was edited by Wayne Hyett at City Post.


Kangaroo A Love Hate Story Posted

Richard Abramowitz of Abramorama said, “We’re releasing ‘Kangaroo – A Love-Hate Story’ on January 19th leading up to Australia Day on January 26th to call attention to the fascinating and troubling dichotomy afflicting that continent. We expect this extraordinary film to open a lot of eyes.”

“Kangaroo – A Love-Hate Story “explores the complex and conflicting opinions around this unique marsupial at the center of the largest mass destruction of wildlife in the world and the future of the largest remaining marsupial species left on the planet.

Follow the film on the website and facebook.


Source: http://variety.com/2017/film/news/mary-elizabeth-winstead-aaron-paul-the-parts-you-lose-1202631379/


Outback Rabbis wrapped up and on Demand

Following on from Shalom Bollywood, director Danny Ben-Moshe is back with another little known story. He has headed into the outback following the lives of two Rabbis that vow to leave no Jew behind.


City Post was happy to be a part of the post production workflow - grading, onlining, QC'ing and mastering this Australian story.


Rabbi Ari Rubin and Rabbi Yossi Rodal take their mission to connect Jewish people seriously. In the latest instalment of documentary series Untold Australia, the two religious leaders invite viewers to join them on their road-trips throughout remote Australia as they look for “lost Jews” – those who have lost touch with their faith, those who are not part of a Jewish community and those who have no idea they are Jewish.

Accompanied by their families, the two rabbis hit the outback trail – something they both do fairly regularly – visiting small towns and far-flung regions in an effort to find every last Jewish person. It’s not an easy task, with many dead-ends along the way, but the two men remain optimistic throughout.

Now showing on SBS on Demand.

Dr Muller and the science of vitamins


Sonya Pemberton is back with her next international science documentary. This time cracking apart the multi-billion dollar industry of vitamins. Joined again by Dr Derek Muller, this team will be delving into what's fact and what is marketing hype.


 Vitamania: The Sense and Non-Sense of Vitamins is currently in production with rushes coming in from across Australia, America and Europe. City Post will be handling all the post production work flow. The team includes Editor Wayne Hyett, Online Artist Belinda Fithie, Colourist Dee McClelland and Assistant Lillian Brown.