Vitamania Q&A Touring with Think Inc.

This year the world will spend $100 billion on vitamins and supplements. Every week, a new benefit is claimed. When we look to scientists for answers and they disagree, how do we decide whether to take vitamins or not? How do we separate the sense from the nonsense?


Think Inc. brings widely popular science communicator, Dr Derek Muller, together with Emmy Award winning filmmaker, Sonya Pemberton. They’ll help answer all these confusing questions with an epic Australian premiere of their latest film, Vitamania.

Dr Derek Muller: scientist, filmmaker and creator of Veritasium with 5 million subscribers on Youtube. He is best known for addressing counter-intuitive concepts in science, and for his extraordinary ability for making the most complex stories relatable and entertaining.

Vitamania daringly explores the lucrative industry in a world spanning investigation of vitamin science and history. What they discover will confound opinions on all sides.

Get your tickets and see Dr Derek Muller along with the Australian premiere of Vitamania: the sense and nonsense of vitamins. Think Inc. takes this paramount discussion national.

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