Outback Rabbis wrapped up and on Demand

Following on from Shalom Bollywood, director Danny Ben-Moshe is back with another little known story. He has headed into the outback following the lives of two Rabbis that vow to leave no Jew behind.


City Post was happy to be a part of the post production workflow - grading, onlining, QC'ing and mastering this Australian story.


Rabbi Ari Rubin and Rabbi Yossi Rodal take their mission to connect Jewish people seriously. In the latest instalment of documentary series Untold Australia, the two religious leaders invite viewers to join them on their road-trips throughout remote Australia as they look for “lost Jews” – those who have lost touch with their faith, those who are not part of a Jewish community and those who have no idea they are Jewish.

Accompanied by their families, the two rabbis hit the outback trail – something they both do fairly regularly – visiting small towns and far-flung regions in an effort to find every last Jewish person. It’s not an easy task, with many dead-ends along the way, but the two men remain optimistic throughout.

Now showing on SBS on Demand.