Chris Humphrey's Wild Life.png

Chris Humfrey's Wild Life 

3 x 26 min
December Films/Film Victoria

Chris Humfrey is a zoologist who lives with his young family in an idyllic bush haven in country Victoria. The Humfreys also share their home with a few pets – more than 2000 and each one of them needs care and attention 24/7.  This isn’t your average family home. It’s a private zoo where human and animal sagas unfold on a daily basis.  Chris and his wife Nicole work around the clock to keep their very extended family happy and healthy and manage their enthusiastic crew of Gen Y zookeepers/presenters. Follow Chris in this chaotic, animal-crazy series that captures the drama, the danger, the animal antics and the sheer exhilaration of Chris Humfrey’s Wild Life.

Full post production path completed at City Post
Edited by Wayne Hyett and Luke Collin