Blake Season 3_2.jpg

The Doctor Blake Mysteries Season Three

10 x 60 min
Drama series
December Media/ABC TV Australia

Doctor Lucien Blake is back, but Ballarat is no longer the safe haven he has come to call home. A new Chief Superintendent is on the way, a man who will not be won over by the Doctor’s strange but effective methods as Police Surgeon. There is a lingering awkwardness with Jean, his assistant and housekeeper, and a new mystery that goes back almost 40 years, a cold case that will cut to the very heart of Blake. There will be murder and intrigue, police politics and espionage. Mysteries that, as always, only Doctor Blake can solve.

The Doctor Blake Mysteries complete post path was supervised by Belinda Fithie at City Post
Edited by Nathan Wild, Philip Watts and Wayne Hyett

December Media
ABC Television