Uranium: Twisting the Dragon's Tail

3 x 60 min, 2 x 60 min, 1 x 2 hour
Documentary Mini-Series
Genepool Productions/SBS Australia
PBS America/ZDF/Arte

Legends say there’s a world beneath this one where a dragon lies sleeping. They say be careful how you wake the dragon. The year 2015 marks the seventieth anniversary of the most profound change in the history of human enterprise on Earth: the unleashing of the elemental force within uranium, the explosion of an atomic bomb, the unleashing of the dragon. Come on an epic journey with physicist and YouTube phenomenon Dr Derek Muller to discover the untold story of the most wondrous and terrifying rock on Earth.

Full post production path completed at City Post
Edited by Wayne Hyett and Alex Archer
Resolve Colour Grade by Deidre McClelland and Online by Belinda Fithie