The Story of Earth: final piece of trilogy

Rushes have come in from Iceland, the Blue Mountains, the Pilbara and outer space to shed light on the origin of our beloved planet. This is the third film in the unofficial trilogy by Giant Screen. With Hidden Universe (2013) and The Search for Life in Space (2016) having open up the majesty of what is out there - coming in 2018 - The Story of Earth will bring it all home.

Currently being edited for giant screens around the world by Wayne Hyett.

ABC'S Trip For Biscuits outta the grade

Trip for Biscuits was made for ABC ME has been in at City Post for a colour grade with the amazing Deidre McClelland.

Trip for Biscuits is a fast-paced, serialised, 18 x 10 minute disaster-comedy that follows Bajo and his misfit crew as they try to carry out their bizarre missions. The team lack the life skills required to deal with everyday situations - let alone cope with the unusual and dangerous phenomena they are investigating. Consequently, most of their time is spent bickering and trying to deal with the growing set of problems they are doomed to perpetuate. These guys have turned 'out of control' into an art form - reminding us that when you mess with aliens, things can go horribly, horribly wrong.


'Uranium' takes home Eureka Award


Genepool's URANIUM - Twisting the Dragon's Tail took home the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Eureka Prize for Science Journalism.

This continues the hot streak for this documentary series edited here at City Post by Wayne Hyett ASE and Alex Archer, having also been nominated for 2 AACTA awards including Best Direction in a Documentary and winning 3 ATOM awards for Best Factual Series, Best Documentary History and Best Documentary Science.

Season Five just booked its appointment

The Doctor Blake Mysteries is officially booked in for another appointment at City Post. Starting in August, we welcome back the post team of Editors Nathan Wild and Angie Higgins, Post Supervisor Belinda Fithie, Colourist Deidre McClelland, Assistant Editor Kathy Freeman - and welcoming to graveyard shift Assistant Lillian Brown. It's sure to be a great season.

Post-production continues until March 2017.

The king(s) of the jungle have swung in

He is a super hero who never goes out of fashion. He is exotic, entertaining, and highly accessible. The film recounts the circumstances surrounding the birth of Tarzan, the reasons for his success, and in what way each generation has reinvented and re-interpreted him. The main aim of the film is to show what type of Tarzan each generation has created and developed, reflecting its own aspirations and concerns. 

Tarzan Revisited is set to edited by Cindy Clarkson here at City Post. A project of documentary maker Robert de Young. 

Proud sponsor of Australian Screen Editors

City Post is pleased to announce sponsorship of the ASE for the next 12 months.

The ASE is a cultural, professional and educational organisation dedicated to the pursuit and recognition of excellence in the arts, sciences and technology of motion picture film, televisual and online post-production. It aims to promote, improve and protect the role of Editor as an essential and significant contributor to all screen productions.

Wayne Hyett A.S.E. has been a member of the ASE for 15 years and believes a strong Guild is vital for all who work in the post-production industry.

Fourth Season Has Started For Blake


Filming and Post has begun on Series 4 of this acclaimed ABC drama series, The Doctor Blake Mysteries. City Post are back again, providing the full post production solution through to digital delivery to International Networks. (The 3 previous series were also completed at City Post)



Doctor Lucien Blake and his housekeeper and confidant Jean Beazley have returned to Ballarat, ready to finally pursue romance. But Blake is shocked by the sudden appearance on his doorstep of a mysterious figure from a life he can barely remember.

Blake throws himself back into his role as Police Surgeon and Lawson’s headstrong niece Rose arrives in Ballarat, ready to stir things up. Will Lucien and Jean will be torn apart by circumstances neither of them could have possibly foreseen?

As always there will be murder and deception, trickery and espionage.



Post-production continues until March 2016.

'Vaccines - Calling the Shots' airs on PBS NOVA


Produced by Tangled Bank Studios together with Genepool Productions, VACCINES is the American update of the earlier documentary, JABBED - Love, Fear and Vaccines.  The new film illuminates the latest science of immunisation, tracks recent outbreaks and sheds light on the risks of opting out.


The post-production was an extensive 16-week edit by Wayne Hyett A.S.E., graded by Colourist, Dee McClelland and mastered at City Post. This incorporated the amazing visual effects from Animation company 21:19 headed by Dom Bartolo, with a music score produced by Dale Cornelius and sound design by Tristan Meredith.

‘Uranium’ airs on SBS with huge success

Episode one of URANIUM– Twisting the Dragon’s Tail has premiered on SBS Australia. This stunning Australian-made three-part documentary series explores the incredible story of Uranium, from its creation in an exploding star to its deployment in nuclear weapons, nuclear power and nuclear medicine. It’s a journey across nine countries and more than a century of stories, to discover the rock that made the modern world.  It’s part science, part history and all epic adventure. Join physicist and YouTube phenomenon Dr. Derek Muller, as he reveals the untold story of the most wondrous and terrifying rock on Earth.

Post-production began 6 months earlier at City Post and ended with the creation of 9 unique domestic and international versions of the series.

The series will be screened in the U.S.A with PBS and throughout Europe.

URANIUM – Twisting the Dragon’s Tail was created by Emmy Award-winning Genepool Productions (part of the CJZ group), produced by Sonya Pemberton and written and directed by Wain Fimeri.

Second IMAX film LIFE IN SPACE begins shooting

The Search for Life in Space 3D explores NASA’s ground breaking new brand of science – Astrobiology. It takes us on a journey to a new era of space exploration to find signs of life somewhere else in the universe. This is a journey that takes us from the depths of the Pacific Ocean to Europa, the ice moon of Jupiter, back in time to when Mars was a virtual Eden, and out into the far reaches of space in search of planets like ours.

This groundbreaking film is almost entirely shot on location in Hawaii and captured using the RED Dragon in resolutions as high as 8K and is being made in association with Swinburne University Astrophysics Department who create the stunning space CGI sequences for the film.

Post-production will continue until February 2016.

Enrolled in CJ's 'Revolution School'


This landmark five episode documentary series for the ABC follows the compelling stories of the students, parents, teachers and school leaders of a ‘typical’ school- a school that any parent, student or teacher in Australia can relate to- over a full school year.

Produced by Alex West and Edited by Zac Grant, REVOLUTION SCHOOL has at anytime up to 7 cameras filming every school day of the year. This has resulted in massive amounts of data to be wrangled on location and then back at City Post. Due to this a stand alone 200TB storage tower was set up to handle and share the rushes with 3 x Media Composers using specialised SAN software.

First cuts of international doco 'Uranium'

City Post welcomes back Genepool into the suites. This is continuing a long standing collaboration across documentaries Catching Cancer, Jabbed and the Emmy Award Winning Immortal. the three part documentary series Uranium: Twisting the Dragon's Tale is an epic three part documentary series set all around the world looking into one of the most transformative elements from last century.

 Editors: Wayne Hyett ASE & Alex Archer

'Mrs Biggs' wins AACTA for Best Editing in TV

December Media’s and ITV Studios’ acclaimed mini series MRS BIGGS has won the Best Editing in Television Award at the 3rd inaugural AACTA Awards in Sydney this Tuesday. The mini series has been edited by Ben Lester (UK) and Mark Atkin (AUS). The latter received the prestigious award at the AACTA Awards Luncheon yesterday.

All winners and nominees are listed on the AACTA website.

Mrs Biggs is the true story of the woman behind Britain’s most famous villain, Great Train Robber Ronald Biggs. It is the inside story on one of the most infamous crimes of the twentieth century; but more than anything it is a sweeping love story told across three decades and from one side of the world to the other.